Sarlat Rugby Victorious Against a Visiting SC Tulle

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Sarlat Rugby players congradulate one of their own after a try against SC Tulle
Sarlat’s Blue and Black welcomed SC Tulle this Sunday to the Christian Goumondie Stadium. The home team managed to win their 14th win of the season in a hotly contested match against Tulle’s Blue and White (54-24). Undefeated, the A team’s offense put on an excellent display for the fans, but the defense left something to be desired. Earlier the B team also won with the offensive bonus (35-9).

The game wasn’t even 15 minutes in and the home team was already ahead 19 to 0, and it looked like the final count would be brutal for the visitors this afternoon. Tuwai crossed the try line barely the whistle blown, #6 Remi Cardon was carried in by the Sarlat Rugby maul, and Théo Entraygues brought one home between the posts after a beautiful breakthrough by Roman Aleyrangues. The team from Tulle was not about to go down without a fight though and scored a try of their own 16 minutes in. 

Théo Entraygues, man of the match for Sarlat against Tulle
Voted Man of the Match, Théo Entraygues played a fine game on Sunday against Tulle

Sarlat Rugby’s hooker, Luciano Bencivenga, pushed the score up again for Sarlat, but Tulle, keeping the ball moving, managed to score again 30 minutes in, putting Sarlat Rugby’s offensive bonus at risk. But it was quickly seized back by Lucas Caneda who took the relay on a penalty quickly put back in play by Entraygues. 33 -14 going into halftime.  

Just as Hotly Contested in Second Half 

Tulle clearly set out to be more present and did a better job holding and gaining ground in the second half. Though within striking distance, they did not manage to score. And so thing continued for nearly 20 minutes. Until a magnificent try came along to smash the crowd’s torpor: Sarlat Rugby’s Ikapote Fono pierces through at the 40m mark, gets the ball to Entraygues who ducks and dodges to find Pagenaud who had barely come onto the pitch for the try. 

Jules Chadourne snagged a try of his own off another Sarlat maul, but Tulle reacted and scored one of their own after a messy push. Another breakthrough by Fono gave Caneda the chance to score again, but the visitors, valiant to the end, scored seconds before the final whistle for a final score of 54-24. 

Sarlat Rugby’s Nicolas Gal, head and shoulders above Tulle’s players in a line out.
In the air, Nicolas Gal caught more than a few line outs for Sarlat Rugby on Sunday. 

A clear victory for a heavily penalized Sarlat Rugby, who seemed keen on trying new things and while occasionally more than just effective during strong pushes, were somewhat more absent defensively than usual.

Ludovic Pérusin, the backs’ coach, ” Congratulations to the team from Tulle who faught hard until the end. We are not going to be picky, it was a solid win. But its true that there are still some problems to work out on our side, notably rebalancing our offensive and defensive maneuvers.” 

Sarlat Rugby and SC Tulle face off in the scrum!
Despite fierce opposition, Stephane Labrousse’s men were able to win with the offensive bonus

Sarlat: Christian Goumondie Stadium. 

Referee: Rémi Janotto (Occitanie) . Halftime score:  33- 14. Final Score: 54 – 24. 

For Sarlat: Eight Tries ( Tuwaï 2e, Cardon 6e, Entraygues 12e, Bencivenga 20e, Canéda 38e, 74e, Pagenaud 64e, Chadourne 70e). 

Seven conversions Entraygues ( 2e, 6e, 20e, 38e) Bordoli ( 64e, 70e, 74e).

Team composition: Puyraud, Bencivenga, Ben Hamouda, Fono, Hay, Cardon, Laporte (c), Gal, (m) Entraygues (o) Alayrangues, Tuwaï, Paea, Delmas, Canéda, Bordoli.

Bench: Chadourne, Maniulua, Okriashvili, R. Carriere, Fontenay, Fresneda, Pagenaud.

Yellow Card: Bencivenga (49e).

For Tulle: Four tries (16e, 28e, 75e, 80e) Deux 

Two conversions ( 16e, 8e);

Team Roster: Valade, Chateau, Bessiere, Farges, Marut, Thomasset, Broyde (c), Fressinel, (m) Rateau, (o) Philippot, Tarif, Fialip, Rebotton, Silli, Maugein.

Bench: Framont, Manczack, Vincent, Papon.

Yellow Card: Philippot ( 30e).

Sarlat Rugby’s Reserves also Triumphed Against Tulle Sunday Afternoon 

The Reserves had a much slower start, both teams were tied 0 – 0 in the sun for the first 30 minutes as they vied for control, though the visitors kept Sarlat on the defensive. Finally the home team opened the score after a nimble Jarod Millet got the ball close enough for #2 Sylvain Olluyn to score. 7 – 0 which quickly became 7 – 3 as the visitors scored a penalty. A low score for the first half. 

Sylvain Olluyn scored for Sarlat Rugby on Sunday against SC Tulle
Sarlat Rugby’s Reserve Captain Syllvain Olluyn scored twice on Sunday against Tulle

With the sun no longer in their eyes, Sarlat Rugby seemed unshackled in the second half. In the first 30 seconds #14 Jarod Millet broke through to score under the posts. While Tulle followed up with a series of penalties, 14 – 9 six minutes in, Sarlat’s #2 again brought the ball over the try line. 

Sarlat Rugby’s wing Jarod Millet scores in style against SC Tulle
Jarod Millet scored one of the fastest tries yet for Sarlat Rugby, just 30 seconds in!

Both teams change up their rosters and it gives fresh strength to Sarlat, #10 Nicolas Testu is the next to find an opening in the Tulle defense, but not the last. 5 minutes from the end, #13 Cyril Carriere drives through the center and brings the score to 35 – 9 where it will stay until the final whistle. Special mention to Sarlat Rugby’s B Team kickers, #10 Matt Doyle and #22 Romain Bastiat who did not miss a single conversion!

#10 Matt Doyle Lines up another conversion for Sarlat Rugby’s reserves
Matt Doyle, Sarlat Rugby #10, did not miss a single conversion during Sunday’s game
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