Sarlat Rugby Signs Partnership with International Luxury Brand: LUXE Digital Now

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The international reach and recruitment of Sarlat Rugby have just paid off, big time. The team announced this week, in a joint press release with LUXE Digital Now Corporation - a cutting-edge digital technology solutions provider for the luxury and beauty markets - the largest sponsorship agreement to date. Brought in by one of the players, the deal shows that the team’s skills investment is paying off!

Jacqueline Hudson knows good digital marketing when she sees it. After all, she has a Ph.D. in the subject! She also happens to be the CEO of a leading global digital marketing and technology solutions firm, LUXE Digital Now Corporation, as well as a lifelong fan of rugby. So, when South African Sarlat Rugby player and International Sales Coordinator Wiehan Hay reached out to her, the opportunities he presented quickly had her attention and they began the process of outlining synergies between the two brands. 

As the team’s motto goes, it was time to dream bigger together. This week, that dream has become a reality as Jacqueline Husdon and Dom Einhorn signed the largest sponsorship deal for Sarlat Rugby to date, as well as the primary sponsor of the new women’s team. The deal is a milestone agreement that provides further evidence that the team’s internationally oriented strategy is paying off. 

A mock-up of the new Sarlat Women's rugby team jersey with LUXE Digital Now Corporation Logo
LUXE Digital Now becomes the primary sponsor of the Sarlat women’s rugby team!

A Clear Choice for both Sarlat Rugby and LUXE Digital Now Corporation

Sarlat Rugby has always been clear with its sponsors: partnership with the team is a two-way street. Sponsors give, but they also receive. The team offers a degree of digital visibility for their partners, which goes beyond that of any other team in their division, and beyond many of those above them. This visibility is combined with marketing savvy and technological know-how to create a truly formidable digital marketing force. No doubt, that was a part of why Jacqueline decided they would be a good partner for her luxury technology solutions brand!

LUXE Digital Now Corporation was born, after all, out of Jacqueline Hudson’s digital marketing experience. She saw the potential to combine her expertise in luxury and cosmetics markets with emerging digital technologies and the solutions they offer the industry. Now they are a global brand, who has provided key services and tools to luxury giants such as L’Oréal and Burberry London. In Sarlat Rugby, they have found a team that not only embodies their values but can also serve as a powerful asset in future marketing campaigns for LUXE and other brands. 

The new partners have much in common, including a deep love for the sport of rugby, as well as a firm belief in the importance of emerging technologies and their power. Technology, as Jacqueline puts it, is a powerful lever and, together, the two brands have room to grow and complement each other’s missions.

Diverse and International Sarlat Rugby players Represent values like Grit, Determination and Teamwork essential to LUXE brands
Sarlat Rugby Players exemplify many of the values LUXE Digital Now holds dear

Luxury and Rugby: A Groundbreaking Partnership 

At first glance, the partnership between Sarlat Rugby and LUXE Digital Now might seem unusual. After all, what does a digital luxury and cosmetics solutions provider have in common with a team from a popular and rough contact sport? Well, once you delve a little deeper, they may have a few differences, but they also have a lot to offer each other!

In addition to their support for the 2021-2022 season, Sarlat Rugby knows that LUXE Digital is a brand that will help the team stand out from other French Federale 2 clubs. Not only are they internationally known and recognized, but the cosmetics-focused company offers a new dimension and set of values to connect with the team’s audience. Classe, beauty, and luxury may not be commonly associated with rugby as a sport, but remain highly valued by many of its audience members. By appealing to them, Sarlat Rugby can unlock greater loyalty from an underserved audience, but also stand out as a team with a complete and well-rounded identity that appeals to a wider audience than most teams. 

On LUXE Digital’s side, it is hard to overstate the leverage they are acquiring on a global scale. Firstly, Sarlat Rugby’s impressive (and growing) audience will be looking, daily, at jerseys that display LUXE’s brand on both mens’ teams kits and, even more prominently, on the women’s team’s. Secondly, the team will be able to multiply the force of this and every other promotion of the brand and its associated brands by the extent of their outreach mediums, from multiple social media platforms to syndicated content online and extensive video or live video reach! Thirdly, the imaginative team of content creators behind many of Sarlat Rugby’s successes will now be hard at work integrating the vision, values, and brand(s) of LUXE Digital Now into content optimized for their audiences in order to create and cement those connections.

Sarlat Rugby players display LUXE digital partner app during podcast
Sarlat Rugby Players Showcasing Some of LUXE Digital Now’s tech solutions on a Podcast

A Success Story for Sarlat Rugby’s Players First Strategy

One of the key arguments Sarlat Rugby has used to recruit “above” their division level has been by promising the players to work off the pitch. Not just any work either, but jobs helping to build and support the club from the inside, especially in business development. This hands-on expertise and skill-building not only position players well for careers beyond the sport, but also provides a more authentic connection between the team and prospective sponsors. 

Wiehan Hay’s success with LUXE Digital Now is but the latest example of the ingenuity of this approach. His was the role of the first contact, not only finding the potential sponsor but working on the approach and responsible for her first impression of the team. Having the players themselves in this role helps sponsors see the extent to which they are integrated and believe in the project, but also meet those who will be representing their brands in person. 

Sarlat Rugby player and sales coordinator Wiehan Hay wears two shirts,
Sarlat Rugby’s South African lock and international sales coordinator Wiehan Hay was the key first contact with LUXE

Wiehan’s success is all the more impressive, knowing that his first contact with Jacqueline was in just his second week working for Sarlat Rugby! He did humbly add, however, that Matt Doyle and Filip Perica, who had both been working a month or two more than him, were able to provide tips and guidance throughout the process. That is the solidarity and teamwork which makes rugby players, and Sarlat Rugby’s team in particular, so exceptional on and off the pitch. 

That teamwork, and the resilience and grit needed to succeed on the rugby pitch, are what makes Sarlat Rugby players so effective on the business development side. They are also the values which, in Jacqueline Hudson’s words, “represents the very essence of what our brands – LUXE included – are looking for in a sponsorship and marketing agreement.”

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