Sarlat Rugby Maintains Momentum Against JA Isle and Retains Bracket Lead

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Sarlat Rugby's Remi Cardon congradulates Dato Okriashvili after an impressive try against JA Isle
Despite heavy rain, Sarlat Rugby won their latest away game in an action-packed match against home team JA Isle (33-50). Muddied but victorious, the Blue and Black maintained their first place in the bracket by scoring try after try to the joy of the team’s supporters. On the other hand, the B team lost once again in a choppy game dominated by the highly ranked JA Isle reserves (19-5).

For the 8th day of the Federale 2 championship, Isle’s René Lamarsaude Stadium was the stage for a pair of fiery confrontations between JA Isle and Sarlat Rugby. Sarlat supporters may have traveled en masse, but nice weather unfortunately did not make the trip with them. Nevertheless the players in Blue and Black were not destabilized by the weather and did not miss the occasion to add another win to their scorecard for the season. 

Sarlat Rugby and JA Isle A-Teams Clash in the Rain

A fine performance on the pitch warmed the hearts of Sarlat supporters this Sunday despite the cold and rainy weather in Isle. Stéphane Labrousse’s players nailed their 8th consecutive win of the season, with the bonus point to boot! They confirmed their front runner status in the bracket and continued to prove their power on the pitch.

Everything happened very fast. Sarlat’s Argentinian wing, #14 Lucas Caneda, opened the score after only 2 minutes of game time (spoiler alert, it would not be his last try of the day). #10 Roman Aleyrangues hit the post on the confirmation, however, and Isle’s comeback was swift. After a bungled defense, JA Isle’s wing returned the favor and scored. Perfecting the parallel, their #9 also hit the post during his conversion attempt. (5-5)

#14 Lucas Caneda breaks away on the wing to score for Sarlat Rugby against JA Isle.
Quick and hard to stop, Lucas Caneda scored a number of impressive tries for Sarlat this Sunday against JA Isle.

Coming strong off a 15-meter maul push, Sarlat Rugby kept the play within the JA Isle’s 22 meters. Nicolas Gal, #7, brought the ball in to score and, this time, Aleyrangues’s conversion flew true. There is no doubt that audiences were being treated to a dynamic and fun-to-watch game as both teams were offering strong, open plays. The action was not about to stop either, with Lucas Caneda scoring a second try just 15 minutes in after an elegant offensive sequence by the backs (5-17). 

Despite an impressive defensive effort, JA Isle did manage to get another try through in the corner, scored and converted by their #9. Half an hour in the score was still relatively close, 12-17. After a series of penalties however, JA Isle’s players set Sarlat Rugby up in an advantageous position. A line-out smoothly turned into a maul and Sarlat #2, Luciano Bencivenga, carried the ball in for the try. With another successful conversion by Roman Aleyrangues, the score was at 12-24 going into halftime. 

Alt Text: Nicolas Gal holds the ball as Sarlat Rugby Scores in first half of the JA Isle game
Nicolas Gal and Luciano Bencivenga both scored off collective efforts by the whole Sarlat Rugby team. 

Sarlat Confirms their Lead in High Scoring Second Half

One again opening the game in style, Lucas Caneda scored his third try of the day in the corner after a well organized push. Just minutes later, after a stunning line-out play, it was Prop Dato Okriashvili, #3, who charged the ball in for another try. With another successful conversion by Aleyrangues the score was 12-36 by the 46th minute! 

The pace of the game did not slow after that, though the score did, as Sarlat pulled off a number of promising plays which sadly did not quite succeed. JA Isle scored a penalty try after #13 Eroni Tuwai’s efforts to stop their try were judged foul-play, earning him a yellow card in the process (19-36). Just after however, Aleyrangues intercepted a pass within the Isle’s 22 and dove to score between the posts – then converting it himself to bring the score to 19-43 just 20 minutes from the end. 

#10 Roman Aleyrangues dives to score for Sarlat Rugby between JA Isle posts.
Roman Aleyrangues delivered a stunning show for his first starting performance of the season.

As he had during the game against Belvès, Stéphane Labrousse began switching in his benched players, starting with the forwards Jordan Belle, Achraf Ben Hammouda, and Jules Chadourne at the 59th minute. Sadly, due to some roster deficiencies from JA Isle, the scrums were going uncontested. A fact which Isle were immediately able to benefit from as they pulled off a perfect push and scored once again in the corner. The home team #9 again pulled off the conversion, narrowing the score to 26-43. 

The replacement of Aleyrangues and #12 Hemani Paea by #21 Serafin Bordoli and #22 Cyril Carrière gave new energy to the visiting team. Another maul allowed #16 Jules Chadourne to score for Sarlat Rugby, allowing them to take a decisive lead against JA Isle at the end of the high-intensity match. Bordoli nailed the conversion at the 75th minute. Tensions then boiled over and the ref awarded a red card to the home team scrum-half, while Sarlat lock Wiehan Hay got a yellow.

A Sarlat Rugby scrum against home team JA Isle who put up a tough fight.
Energized, Sarlat Rugby’s players held strong throughout the game. 

Isle ended the game with flair, however, scoring a try off a maul of their own. Nevertheless, a 50-33 victory for Sarlat was a decisive blow to Isle, who continued to fall in the rankings, despite an admirable effort and some excellent plays on the pitch. Local fans, however, did not go home entirely disappointed after an earlier excellent performance by their B team.

JA Isle Reserves Dominate Against Sarlat Rugby’s B Team

The B team game started earlier to far emptier stands. Sarlat Rugby’s B team, which had just lost against their local rivals, Belvès, needed to step up their game against a robust JA Isle reserve team (currently ranked second in the bracket). With a rough start, several missed tackles, and frequently stuck playing defensively, we cannot really say they pulled it off.

JA Isle scored the first try 10 minutes in, after an admirable effort by their #10, who also handled the conversion. Just three minutes later, their #12 executed a soaring triple skip pass to their wing, which Sarlat’s defender failed to stop from scoring in the corner. Though they missed the conversion, JA Isles reserves were sitting a comfortable 12-0 just 13 minutes into the game.

Despite the two tries in short succession, the first 20 minutes of the game were very choppy. Sarlat’s Romain Bastiat received a white card, while JA Isle continued to deprive Sarlat Rugby of opportunities. Thanks to an opening in the visiting team’s defenses, and a well-aimed kick for their #11 to recover, JA Isle scored once again between the goal posts. Twenty-three minutes in, and they were ahead 19-0 after the conversion.

The rest of the first half was marked by offensive phases that neither team managed to score off, but also plenty of faults and cards, including a yellow for Bastiat 37 minutes in. But while the cards added up, the score stayed fixed, frustrating for Emmanuel Dupont-Butez’s teammates. 

Sarlat Rugby B team players Emmanuel Dupont-Butez and Tom Pinta Touret.
Tom Pinta and Emmanuel Dupont-Butez struggled hard throughout the game, but with little success

The balance of the game did not seem to shift much at the start of the second half. Sarlat earned themselves quite a few penalties, with little help from the more and more challenging meteorological conditions. On the bright side, they didn’t concede any more points, in part thanks to a missed kick by Isle. 

Isle, however, were not faring much better, frequently fumbling the ball to Sarlat Rugby’s advantage. But it wasn’t until the 61st minute that the visitors were able to capitalize, scoring with a collective maul after a line out just five meters from the try line. During the last 15 minutes, the Blue and Black players pushed hard to try and recover the score, but in vain. The final whistle blew on 19 – 5 for JA Isle. 

After a tough game, Sarlat Rugby players congratulate JA Isle on their victory
The B team players showed some personality in the second half, but not enough to bring up the score

Come support Sarlat Rugby during their next game: a home game to end the bloc against Rochefort! There will be a meal at noon before the game at the Christian Goumondie stadium, with music by “La Bande de Copains” to add atmosphere to a great traditional menu of Mic, Petit Salé, and pastries!

Reserve your spot while they last by calling us at 06 78 81 07 15. 

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