Sarlat Rugby Expands International Coverage with American Broadcaster KlowdTV

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Estimated to hit a million active viewers in 2021, KlowdTV is a perfect partner for Sarlat Rugby. As the team reaches out to fans near and far, it is also creating a wider audience for the sport. KlowdTV will be a worthy partner in that endeavor, as they are also expanding by offering an ever greater variety of sports to their audience. A win-win partnership with immense potential for both.

Building on last week’s news, Sarlat Rugby is proud to announce further expansion to international digital and television audiences with broadcaster KlowdTV. With their sights set on a million active users by the end of the year, KlowdTV offers an unprecedented opportunity for Sarlat Rugby. This new partnership will help Sarlat Rugby be ambassadors for Rugby in North America and let the team and town reach exponentially larger audiences. 

KlowdTV marks the second international broadcaster to sign on with Sarlat Rugby, after the Wynn Network. These broadcasters will allow the team to reach ever-larger audiences for each live game as the team starts the climb to the upper divisions. It will also help increase curiosity and exposure to the culture and sport of rugby across North America with training videos, rugby guides, and a mix of entertaining and informative Sarlat Rugby videos. 

Sarlat Rugby players in front of a live audience a fraction of the size that KlowdTV will bring
The audience for each Sarlat Rugby game just got a whole lot bigger thanks to KlowdTV!

KlowdTV: Fast-Growing US and Global Broadcast Network

Sarlat Rugby’s content will be in excellent hands with KlowdTV, as they have the reach and audience needed to take our story global. As an alternative to the US’s costly and limited cable networks, KlowdTV offers a wide selection of television content directly through the internet. They are thus available on virtually any connected device, including computer streaming, iOS, and Android phones, tablets, and smart TVs like AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Kodi TV.

This versatility has allowed them to entertain a growing audience in the US, with over a quarter of a million users in less than a year, and an estimated million by the end of 2021. They offer both free ad-supported content, as well as subscription content for dedicated users who want access to a wider variety and more exclusive programs. Sarlat Rugby will be available to both, therefore gaining even larger audiences and the possibility to advertise, building brand partnerships and revenue. 

This also means that Sarlat Rugby fans in any corner of the globe will be able to tune in to KlowdTV to catch their favorite team live on game days!

Why KlowdTV is the Perfect Broadcasting Partner for Sarlat Rugby

In addition to their fast growth and well-adapted model, KlowdTV offers several synergies, which help make them an obvious choice for Sarlat Rugby. 

The channel already boasts a wide variety of successful and specialized sports content, from the live soccer content of beIN SPORTS XTRA (as well as their coverage of other, more niche sports) to a wide variety of ‘non-traditional’ sports in the US, from outdoor exploration to high-intensity combat and contact sports. This means KlowdTVs audiences and members are already primed for interest in rugby and will be more receptive to our message and content.

KlowdTV will also help Sarlat Rugby appeal to a growing audience of Spanish-speaking fans. One of the fastest-growing rugby watching demographics, and one Sarlat Rugby is already tapping into with significant growth on social media. This partnership will open more doors to Spanish speakers in the US and Latin America, who might not otherwise have any way to watch Sarlat Rugby’s videos and games easily. 

Better still, France 24 is among the news channels KlowdTV offers! This confirms that KlowdTV already appeals to audiences interested in France, as well as French natives living abroad. Both of which represent audiences who might particularly appreciate, enjoy, and share Sarlat Rugby’s message and content. It also shows a receptiveness to international content from their viewership, which further encouraged Sarlat Rugby to add rugby to the KlowdTV repertoire. 

After all, rugby is not a sport that the network currently offers, so Sarlat Rugby will be bringing something unique, appealing, and new to the network and its growing audience. The team could not have chosen a better time for it either. 

Sarlat Rugby Perfectly Times US Broadcasts

Sarlat Rugby’s ambitions overseas are judiciously timed, as Rugby is on the rise around the globe. The relatively recent inclusion of the sport in the Olympics and the mediatization of major tournaments recently have recently helped catapult the sport into the spotlight, leading to a rise in curiosity and interest in the oval ball.

KlowdTV audiences are going to love Sarlat Rugby's Mascot Benji!
Sarlat Rugby’s mascot Benji is a natural with the camera and will fit right in with US sports and media culture.

More fast-paced than the heavily padded American football, and more contact-heavy than the overly popular football (soccer), rugby has a lot to offer the world. Its authenticity, grit, and dynamism make it a strong competitor for many of the traditional team sports popular in America. Perhaps that is why it is currently the fastest-growing team sport in the US in terms of popularity. 

It helps that the efforts of the MLR (Major League Rugby) teams have been paying off in terms of visibility for the sport. Nevertheless, many Americans still don’t have a team to cheer for, and none have access to the rugby lifestyle and community that has built up in Sarlat and other towns of France. Sarlat Rugby is planning to change that, not only by giving these rugby starved audiences an underdog team to cheer for, but also by sharing the culture and values of the sport.  

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