Sarlat Rugby Continues to Accelerate On and Off the Pitch

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Sarlat 100% Rugby Podcast host with guests Lucas Cousin and Roman Aleyrangues in front of the CXSports banner
The second bloc is officially over, and Sarlat Rugby sits proudly at the top of their bracket, and among the most competitive teams of the division. With six out of six victories, including against Bergerac, the second bloc has helped demonstrate the team’s effectiveness on the pitch. But the team is also building momentum off the pitch, such as with its new series of podcasts, Sarlat 100% Rugby.

As the second bloc comes to a close, it is a chance to look back on the performance of the ambitious Sarlat Rugby team. The small-town team with big dreams has been in the sights of each of their competitors, as the bracket 8 teams try to take down the ‘favorite.’ So far, the Blue and Black have emerged unscathed and stronger with each victory. The team is also making their voice heard off the pitch, through their new podcast, Sarlat 100% Rugby.

Sarlat Rugby’s Record So Far Speaks for Itself

Just over a week ago, Sarlat Rugby players and fans were celebrating their latest victory at the end of the second bloc. It was a crushing win, 59-14, against Barbezieux Jonzac, and the latest in a string of unbroken wins for the A team. The win, with the offensive bonus, puts Sarlat Rugby at the very top of the bracket, comfortably in the lead as the only team not to have lost a single game this season. This bloc also saw them beat Bergerac, the second-place team at the time, by a wide margin on the other team’s turf.

Sarlat Rugby’s Hemani Paea runs the ball home to score a try against Bergerac
Sarlat Rugby won a stunning victory against Bergerac to secure their place a the top of the bracket

Their lead is noticeable, not just within their bracket, but across the entire division. In Federale 1, there are only two teams whose record is as good as Sarlat Rugby’s so far: Paris University Rugby and Annecy, and of the two, only Paris has a higher point spread than Sarlat. Clearly, the team is strong not just for moving up a division next year, but even possibly winning the championship. 

That said, there is still a lot of work to be done for the team. Each match, while victorious, has revealed room for improvement. While the team cohesion has been rising with every game, penalties are still being committed too often, and the reserve team’s record is not quite as impeccable (though they are still ranked second in the bracket). As both the coaches and players have been saying, if the team continues to come together and get better with each game and week of training, they will be unstoppable.

Sarlat Gives Players the Microphone

And we know what the players are saying because the club is actually giving their voices a platform. Sarlat, alone among the clubs of its division, has launched an engaging new podcast on Youtube and Spotify: Sarlat 100% Rugby. A new component of the team’s potent outreach and communication efforts off the pitch. 

The entertaining podcast is the brainchild of CXSports, the start-up that is changing the game for the smaller-scale sports teams. It is hosted by a bright young student, Adrien Maleville, whose passion for rugby and studies in sports communication have combined perfectly for the occasion. 

Each week he invites two guests to speak about the latest games, upcoming games, and rugby news in France and beyond.  It is concluded by the always hilarious and often informative rugby quiz, which pits the guests’ knowledge of the rugby world against one another. The winner gets to assign a dare for social media to the loser.

Sarlat 100% Rugby podcast episode 2 with Nicolas Daynac and Remi Cardon

A New Outreach Strategy That Engages Players and Fans 

So far, the guests have all been players from both of Sarlat Rugby’s teams, though the podcast plans to host coaches and guests from further afield in the rugby world. The podcast thus offers the players a chance to express themselves and share their love and knowledge of the sport. The Sarlat Rugby podcast also gives fans a chance to get to know their team and players, beyond the pitch and the sport.

Three episodes in, and the podcasts are already getting hundreds, if not thousands, of views. Depending on the players and the week, it will be in French or in English, making sure that all players and fans, no matter where they are from, will have a chance to engage with each other through this exciting new medium. 

Sarlat 100% Rugby Podcast host with guests Nicolas Daynac and Remi Cardon in front of the CXSports banner
The Sarlat 100% Rugby episodes, powered by CXSports, offer a chance for players to participate off the pitch.

As the team powers into the third bloc of games, and their pace accelerates, their fan-base and fan loyalty are only likely to grow. Especially if Sarlat Rugby keeps its 100% win rate from the first two blocs. After all, above all else, what rugby fans want is to watch good rugby, and that is what Sarlat Rugby, at its core, aims to deliver. Communication projects like podcasts are just tools to help the team reach wider audiences to keep delivering on and off the pitch!

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