Sarlat Rugby broadens engagement with global audiences

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Sarlat Rugby has been growing fast this spring and collecting fans from across the globe. Energized by this growing community, and eager to keep growing, Sarlat Rugby is opening doors for even more fans. This week we are proud to unveil the German and Spanish versions of the Sarlat Rugby website. This will help engage more of our growing fanbase and continue to attract larger audiences.

The Sarlat Rugby Team’s ambitions do not stop at making pro-D2 division in five years. The team also wants to bring the love and passion that Sarlat has for rugby to the world. This effort is already well underway. 

With 100 000 Facebook followers on board, the popularity of the club has exploded. The story of the club reinventing itself after a century has pulled in an international, multilingual audience. Until now, the team has only been communicating with this social media audience in English as well as in French, but why stop there? Today Sarlat Rugby is announcing the addition of both Spanish and German websites to the roster. 

Languages open doors for new fans around the world

Rugby is not just a sport here in Sarlat, it is a way of life. The team wants to share it with the world, but language barriers are a constant worry. Sarlat Rugby’s staff saw this problem coming and launched their website and social media both in French and English. What they did not anticipate, however, was the huge success the team would have in attracting audiences in other languages. 

Since December, the number of Sarlat Rugby fans online has grown exponentially. Much of this has been driven by an influx of fans across the globe. Some were friends and families of international players recruited by the team. Others were rugby fans isolated from the world of the sport by distance, lack of national media coverage, or even Covid-19. The story Sarlat Rugby is sharing with the world has been heard and resonated internationally. 

Rather than resting on their laurels, the team set out to make these new fans feel welcome. Adding new languages to the websites will give these fans more ways to engage with the community. It will also make it easier for them to share content like new player profiles and game results, expanding Sarlat Rugby’s reach even further. 

Spanish Speaking Sarlat Rugby player Serafin Bordoli
Additional languages help draw and keep international players like Serafin Bordoli

Spanish and German websites offer opportunities for Sarlat Rugby

It is not just fans who stand to benefit from lowering language barriers, but the team and even the town of Sarlat itself. Players from abroad who might be keen to play for an ambitious team like Sarlat Rugby may never even hear about it without the right point of contact. By increasing the number of languages, the team is growing its ability to attract the right talent to help enact its ambitious plans for the future.  

There are now several top-notch Spanish-speaking Argentinians on the team. While most have played in Europe long enough to be comfortable in French or English, nothing beats being able to show your friends and family the progress the team is making together in a language they can easily understand. If Sarlat Rugby gets more fans and players in the process of helping new audiences discover the game, so much better for the team and the sport. 

The addition of new languages and audiences will also make the team more attractive to international sponsors. Companies who love the rugby values the team presents will be able to connect their brands to an ever-growing audience here and across the globe, telling their unique stories together with the stories of the team and the players. With French, English, Spanish, and German outreach, Sarlat Rugby is truly on the path to becoming international ambassadors for the sport and lifestyle. 

Sarlat Rugby player Ikapote Fono and his family
Language access helps Sarlat Rugby build bridges between generations and across borders

Lowering language barriers will benefit the town as well. 

The German and Spanish-language site launch will help the town of Sarlat in a few surprising ways. These two languages are frequently spoken by millions of tourists visiting the region. With Sarlat in contention for the title of “finest outdoor market in France”, and the French government announcing promising results from the ongoing vaccination campaign, there is every reason to hope for a vibrant tourist season. 

Many of these tourists are isolated from Sarlat’s dynamic rugby life, a pity given the importance of the game as part of the town’s living history. Preventing Spanish and German-speaking visitors from participating in this vibrant tradition would also mean a loss of revenue for both club and town. Creating new connections and disseminating information to these groups could go a long way towards helping both Sarlat, and Sarlat Rugby!

So without further ado: Welcome, Bienvenue, Willkommen and Bienvenidos!

The Team is better prepared to welcome tourists from around the world (Image by Ladislaus Hoffner courtesy of Wikimedia)
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