Samurai x Sarlat Rugby: Rugby History That’s Comfortable to Wear

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When a team's own players are the ones to reach out to its eventual kit sponsor, you know the kit is good. That's exactly what happened when Samurai came onboard as Sarlat Rugby Team's kit supplier this season. And while Samurai's heritage is on the rugby field, the company's extended range of top-notch sportswear's got every occasion covered. Here's how you can get some for yourself.

A question we occasionally get asked around here is, “Where does this Samurai logo on your kit come from? I’ve never heard of them.” At first, this surprised us a little — “That’s Samurai, as in Samurai Sportswear, they make the very kit you see that logo on.”

In reality, this question shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. Sarlat Rugby is the first French team the sportswear specialists have ever sponsored. But still, the brand has a solid international reputation. And with good reason.

Finding a comfortable kit that fits well and can stand up to this isn’t as easy as you’d think.

A Little Background on Samurai Sportswear

Based just across the channel in the U.K., Samurai Sportswear is a leading international kit supplier to sporting clubs from Australia and New Zealand to the English Premiership Rugby division. And, in it has been doing so for the last 25 years.

All this while, the company has been building a big reputation for itself. Sure, that reputation might not be as widespread in France as it could be. But it is a reputation that is sure to spread, just as it has in other regions around the world.

The secret here is the intense product focus of the team. In Samurai Sportswear, we find a company whose growth did not arrive on the back of large-scale marketing campaigns or heavy-handed sales tactics. Instead, it came through word of mouth; the sort of hard-won reputation that only the best products can create for themselves.

The Quality Speaks for Itself: Ask the Player Who Scouted Samurai

When word that Samurai Sportswear would potentially become the new kit sponsor for the team first spread, there was more than a little enthusiasm from some of the players. The current kit at the time left quite a lot to be desired. And, while not everyone knew who Samurai was at first, many players did. Filip Perica, having done his time playing in the U.K., was one.

In fact, it was Filip himself who was responsible for putting Samurai and Sarlat Rugby in touch with each other. That says a lot given he and the rest of the players could (and did) end up wearing the kit for the following seasons. No one was looking to take a step backward.

In other words, this player-led partnership was born out of nothing but reputation — a reputation for making some of the finest kits available.

More than Just Gameday Kits: Something for Everyone

If you’ve been following our social media (or walking around Sarlat), you might have also noticed our players sporting some swanky new casual sportswear adorned by the Samurai logo, too. Most recently, you may have even spotted them in the stands showing off the sleek and oh-so-warm Challenger Manager Jacket.

Unsurprisingly, the new training and casual wear has been well received by the players. Samurai’s obsession with high-performance fabrics and their attention to detail permeates everything they do. No exceptions. From casual backpacks and t-shirts to shorts and socks, every item is designed and produced with just as much love.

Of course, a lot of these products aren’t going to stand up to the rigors of the rugby field. But that’s also kind of the point. Everyday life doesn’t usually involve 2 meters tall, 120 kg rugby players trying to grab your top as they attempt to stop you running down the field. So why not opt for something a little more lightweight?

Buy a Piece of Samurai Kit, Own a Piece of Sarlat Rugby History

Starting today, we’re making Samurai Sportswear available to everyone through our online eShop. This is, of course, the exact same high-quality kit you see our players decked out in, logo and all. (Apologies to supporters of other Federal 2 clubs who were hoping to snare some great sportswear, although you’re welcome to sew your own club’s patch over ours if you really must.)

So why not head over to the online Sarlat Rugby store and grab a piece of local rugby history that’s also exceptionally comfortable to wear?

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