Match Preview: Causse Vézère vs. Sarlat Rugby, a Challenging Away Game Awaits!

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Causse Vézère vs Sarlat Rugby Preview
Just 40 minutes away, Causse Vézère may offer Sarlat Rugby its greatest challenge yet this season. This Sunday, the 30th, Sarlat Rugby, currently ranked 1st in the bracket, will be hosted by the fourth-place team, Rugby Causse Vézère. The A game (at 3 PM) will be a chance for Sarlat to confirm their 2022 momentum, or for Causse Vezere to prove it, too, deserves a place at the top of the bracket.

This Sunday, Sarlat Rugby players and fans will be traveling to the nearby town of Causse Vézère for what is shaping up to be an exciting pair of matches. The action will start at 1:30 PM as the Sarlat reserves finally get their rematch against the first team to have beaten them last year. Afterward, at 3 PM, the A teams of Sarlat and Causse Vézère, ranked 1st and 4th respectively, will clash in what might be the Blue and Black’s toughest game of 2022 yet. 

Sarlat Rugby Takes on Causse Vézère this Weekend!

Coming in strong after three consecutive offensive bonus victories so far in 2022, our Perigord Noir team has built up serious momentum heading into the match this weekend. Currently ranked first, Sarlat Rugby will be taking on the 4th ranked team: Rugby Causse Vézère. A team which had, last year, in the presence of UBB manager Christophe Urios, came the closest of any team to beating Sarlat Rugby at home. 

Christophe Urios with Sarlat Rugby president Dom Einhorn before the match against Causse Vézère last year.
Christophe Urios was in the audience for last years tightly contested game between Causse Vézère and Sarlat Rugby 

Sarlat Rugby will have two objectives this weekend against Causse Vézère: continue its unbroken streak of victories, and tighten up discipline and defense. With 14 straight victories so far since the start of the season, Sarlat has certainly imposed itself as the team to beat. Bergerac, however, is only behind by one game, so when it comes to first place, every win counts.

While the wins have been rolling in 2022, Sarlat Rugby still has room for improvement, particularly on defense and discipline. Despite scoring eight tries in their previous game against Tulle, and ten the game before that against Surgeres, there were substantial gaps which their opponents were often able to take advantage of to score. They have also been losing ground, and player advantage, to penalties and cards, which could cost them precious points against a tough opponent like Causse Vézère. 

Earlier in the afternoon, the reserves of the two teams will clash in a game that both teams’ fans may very well be looking forward to even more. Indeed, last year during their trip to Sarlat, Causse Vézère’s B Team was the first to beat Sarlat Rugby in a tightly contested game (16-22). Sunday, Sarlat’s reserves will get their shot at a rematch and a chance to prove that they can deliver consistent wins in 2022. 

Both matches promise to be exciting for Sarlat fans who make the trip to the Alexis Jaubert Stadium. Causse Vézère fans will no doubt be out in force however as the game could be their turning point of the season. 

Causse Vézère Have a Shot at Bringing Down the Giant

While Sarlat Rugby has been powering through the season, Causse Vézère might well be their toughest opponent to date. The nearby team has everything to gain and little to lose. 

Indeed, Rugby Causse Vézère is just 4th in the bracket, the highest-ranked team that Sarlat has had to face so far this year. Additionally, while the home team is breaking even in wins and losses, they have only lost twice at home, proving resilient against all but the other top 3 teams. Indeed, only Bergerac was able to beat them at home last year. This year, on the other hand, their only home game was a loss against Barbezieux Jonzac (ranked 3rd). The players will be looking for redemption in front of their loyal fans; a victory against the undefeated Sarlat would certainly deliver that and more. 

Sarlat Rugby wing Eroni Tuwai ran past Causse Vézère defenders in last year’s game
Causse Vézère will have to do a better job stopping Eroni Tuwai if they hope to win against Sarlat Rugby this weekend

Furthermore, last year they came the closest of any team to beating Sarlat on home turf (39-32). While Sarlat managed to score more tries, the Causse Vézère kicker had scored again and again off Sarlat penalties. With discipline still not perfect in the Blue and Black lines, heavy penalties like those suffered last weekend could give the home team another shot at the win. Either way, they are likely to give their all again on Sunday as a home game win against the dominant Sarlat Rugby would prove they deserve a spot at the top of the bracket. 

Certainly, Rugby Causse Vézère cannot be discounted, and Stephane Labrousse’s men will have to be more dynamic and disciplined than ever if they want to bring home another win for Sarlat. All eyes will be on the Alexis Jaubert Stadium to see how the matchup shakes out.

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