Game Preview: SC Surgères – Sarlat Rugby

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Clear frontrunner of the 8th bracket of the Federale 2 division, Sarlat Rugby will be playing their first away game of the new year this Sunday, January 16th at 3 PM. The Blue and Black tide will be traveling to the Jean Baptiste Filippi Stadium to take on Surgères Rugby who are currently in seventh place in the bracket. Earlier in the afternoon, the reserves of both teams will also clash.

Having started the year with an unquestionable victory against Saint Yrieix last weekend, on a final score of 34 to 5, Sarlat Rugby now aims to continue their streak. Their next game will be an away game, this Sunday, against Surgères (SCS), who have not yet had a chance to play this year as their first match against Belves was canceled due to covid cases in their opponent’s roster. 

Sarlat hopes to repeat their home game performance

Going up against Sarlat Rugby means the SCS will have to try and take down the unbeaten leader of the bracket. A task made more difficult still by the crushing victory Sarlat had achieved in the home game last year, 49-9, during the second game of the season. Carried in no small part by a top-form Luciano Bencivenga, the score was an unquestionable testament to Sarlat’s dominance in the encounter. 

Sarlat Rugby players congratulate Luciano Bencivenga during the first game against SCS
Sarlat Rugby may be playing with a psychological advantage against SCS after their first victory last year

Additionally, Stephane Labrousse’s team has yet to lose a match. Last week, they proved that they had not lost their edge over the break and were ready to continue their winning streak from 2021. 

With a hard earned win and offensive bonus against Saint Yrieix last game (34-5), Sarlat’s players have every intention to continue their unbeaten streak. While they were a bit rusty in the first half, they found their offensive rhythm in the second half and wowed the home team fans with try after try. 

Sarlat Rugby players celebrate during their first win against SC Surgèrien
Sarlat Rugby aims to find the right balance of confidence and cohesion to impose themselves once again against SCS

The reserve team on the other hand, who have not yet had a chance to play this year (deprived of their initial game against Saint Yrieix) will be playing their first game of the calendar year this Sunday. Heading toe to toe with the SCS reserves, the B Team will have a lot to prove after so many weeks without a game, and a far narrower margin at the top of the bracket. 

SCS, Surgères Rugby, has been having some difficulties of late

The Sporting Club of Surgères (SCS), who has to go up against Sarlat Rugby this weekend, has not been able to land a win since the 14th of November last year. Though it was a win against Tulle, it was a narrow 19-13 victory. Since then they have had three losses in a row, and a canceled match against Belvès. The game, which was supposed to take place last weekend, had to be called off due to a number of Covid 19 cases on the Belvès team. 

The SCS have yet to live up to the ambitions they announced at the start of the season. Surgères’ goal of climbing a division to Federale 1 seems distant still, though a win against Sarlat Rugby would certainly help put them on the right track.

With only 4 wins compared to 6 defeats, the Surgères team will be questing for a win. The Perigord Noir team can thus expect fierce opposition from opponents hungry for triumph and eager to prove themselves. 

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