Game Preview: Sarlat vs Bergerac, a Pool 8 Clash of the Titans

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USB Bergerac vs Sarlat Rugby
Sarlat Rugby and US Bergerac are both sitting pretty right now. Respectively occupying the number one and two positions on the ladder, the two teams have been dominating Pool 8 in this season’s Federale 2 Championship. So far, Bergerac has only lost one game this season, and that was against the undefeated Sarlat. Now the question on everyone’s lips is whether this Sunday will see that change.

It’s been some time since the hallowed grounds of the Christian-Goumondie stadium have seen any matchday action. With our boys in Blue and Black playing their last game on Causse Vézère’s home turf, and two weekends off in between, the stands at Sarlat have sat dormant for far too long.

That’s all set to change this weekend. The formidable US Bergerac is set to descend on Sarlat this Sunday and the word on the street is that they’re ‘bringing along supporters by the busload.’ Of course, we won’t know the exact numbers until game day. But one thing is certain—the atmosphere will be electric.

Oh, and did we mention that there will be a pre-match lunch to kick start the festivities? More on that later. First, let’s take a look at what awaits us on the pitch.

US Bergerac Is Undefeated, Except for That One Time When…

Let’s get one thing straight: Bergerac is a force to be reckoned with. It wasn’t that long ago that the team was a contender in the Federal 1 championship—precisely what Sarlat Rugby aspires to next year. And, from what we’ve seen so far this year, there’s no reason why they couldn’t be again. Aside from one game this season, they remain undefeated.

As a refresher, that one game where Bergerac dropped the ball was earlier in the season. The date was October 17, 2021, and the other team was none other than Sarlat Rugby.

Whether Sunday’s game goes the same way or not is up for debate. While history does have a way of repeating itself (and it is certainly what we’re all hoping for), let’s not forget that Bergerac seemed distracted in the last clash. Maybe it was Bordoli’s freshly-cut mullet flapping in the breeze. Or maybe it wasn’t.

There’s little doubt that this try by Bordoli contributed to Sarlat’s last win against Bergerac. What is less certain is how much his hair played a role.

In any case, out-of-character fumbles on USB’s side made a big difference to the final outcome. Had Bergerac been playing at their usual high standard, Sarlat’s comfortable win would have been slightly less comfortable at best.

Sarlat Rugby as Determined as Ever

Come rain hail or shine, Sarlat’s players are clear about one thing: they’re out for the win, whatever it takes. With the taste of a possible move into Federale 1 now more palpable than ever, the players’ determination is as strong as it has ever been.

Of course, as much as it helps, determination is no guarantee of success. And, while the hometown advantage might stack the cards in the Blue and Black’s favor, the team is no stranger to gameday fumbles and unfocused play.

Indeed, we don’t even need to cast our minds back all that far to remember the last time Sarlat dropped the proverbial ball. Their most recent match against Causse Vézère, while still ending in a victory, could very easily have gone the other way. In fact, at one point it did, with Sarlat trailing by 2 points at halftime.

However, if the team has shown us one thing, it’s that they’re perfectly capable of pulling their socks up and getting to work when the pressure is on. We might even say that it takes a little pressure for them to bring out their best. We saw it in their second-half comeback in the last game, and it’s exactly what we hope to see when Bergerac puts some serious pressure on this Sunday.

Let’s Eat, Drink (responsibly), and Be Merry

With the holiday season fast becoming a distant memory and many new year’s resolutions now abandoned, it’s high time to get together and enjoy a great feast. That’s what we’re doing this Sunday and you’re all invited.

Catering will be by La Broche Gourmande by Isaac Dauher, and wines will be provided by the inimitable Domaine Soubirou. The menu will include a succulent pig on a spit accompanied by wine on the table (in bottles, which you can pour into your glasses—we don’t waste the good stuff around here). That will be followed by pastries and coffee, which will then be followed by some very good rugby.

All are welcome and, for those ready to eat more than their doctors recommend, the prices represent excellent value.

See You in Sarlat this Sunday: All the Details You Need


Gameday lunch is 20€ for club members and 25 € for everyone else. Platinium partners will have an opportunity to partake in a wine tasting by Domaine Soubirou.


B Team: Kickoff at 2:00 pm

A Team: Kickoff at 3:30 pm

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