Game Preview: Sarlat – Tulle, A Chance to Maintain Momentum

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Clear leader of the 8th bracket of Federale 2, Sarlat Rugby has already got two 2022 wins under its belt. They will be welcoming Tulle, currently in eighth place, on Sunday the 23rd at 3 PM at the Christian Goumondie Stadium. It is a chance for Sarlat fans to see both their teams in action as the Reserves will be playing earlier in the day against the Tulle B team, both teams coming in hot after winning against Surgères last week.

With back to back wins, Sarlat Rugby has started of the year in style. Having beaten Saint Yrieix and Surgères, the Blue and Black team will be on the offensive against Tulle. Stephane Labrousse’s team will try to continue their incredible series of wins this Sunday, while the B team will try to keep up their momentum.  

Winning against Tulle to maintain Sarlat Rugby’s momentum! 

Even if they remain the undefeated leaders of the 8th bracket of Federale 2, with 13 wins in as many games, Sarlat Rugby cannot afford to rest on its laurels. The runner up, Bergerac, is in hot pursuit, only seven points behind in the ranking

Sarlat Rugby players take to the field in last years away game against Tulle
Stephane Labrousse’s guys will need to be present this weekend to continue their run.

Sarlat Rugby is coming in hot after a solid success in their away game against Surgères last weekend. The Blue and Black tide did not travel just to score a couple tries. They were hungry, and scored a total of ten tries by the end of the game. Showing why they are leading the pack, Lucas Caneda and his team mates showered their opponents in tries in the first half time.

Surgères, despite missing almost a third of their roster due to Covid19, managed to recover somewhat in the second half. They scored a series of tries against the visiting team, enough to make them sweat and audiences hope. But they were ultimately bowled over by another series of three Sarlat tries by Faucher, Serafin and Tuwai to end the game 67-24.

A nevertheless convincing victory after a promising start to the year. Sarlat Rugby now has to maintain their rhythm to keep up their momentum and stay ahead. They will have the chance to do so this weekend against Tulle, A team which they had beaten but only barely in the away game last year. Despite being down a player, the Corréziens had managed to resist well and almost win, ending the game 16 – 20. 

Tulle welcomed Sarlat Rugby last year, now it is Sarlat's turn to host Tulle.
Sarlat Rugby’s players during their away game last year against Tulle.

The B team, which had not played in over a month, also managed a much needed win against Surgères (27-34). If they can do so again against Tulle, they will be well on their way to starting the year off on the right foot. 

Tulle has not yet been Tested in 2022! 

SC Tulle hopes to finally return to the rugby pitch this weekend in Sarlat. Because for the last two weekends in a row, their games had to be rescheduled because of the pandemic. The Blue and White were indeed unable to receive Belvès at the Alexandre-Cueille Stadium. Covid-19 had hit the senior team hard, with 7 positive cases and 25 potential contaminations. Tough to put together a competitive team in such circumstances!

Tulle’s last match was all the way back in December 2021, the 12th, which was lost to Bergerac (10-7) but not by much! Tulles, who had traveled to Bergerac intent on proving themselves, managed to keep the second place team at bay for most of the match, proving their defense to be just as solid as when they held off Sarlat Rugby.

Tulle aims to get back on the pitch this week against Sarlat, hoping not to have to manage any more contaminations in their midst. If they do, they may be stronger than ever after a month of rest…or struggling to recover their previous rhythm. 

Sarlat Rugby has also been developing it’s brand off the pitch however. Picking up momentum with the launch of a new sports prognostics partnership on its web sites in French, English, German and Spanish. The team’s online store is also in full swing, with over 40 branded products, and exciting deals to please the over 150k Facebook fans who are following their remarkable adventure this year!

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