Game Preview: Sarlat Rugby – S.A Rochefort Rugby, the Home Game We Have All Been Waiting For!

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Sarlat Rugby vs SAR Rochefort
Sarlat Rugby will be welcoming S.A Rochefort Rugby to the Christian Goumondie Stadium this Sunday, November 21st, for the 9th day of the Federale 2 Championship. Starting at 3 PM, the likely intense game will see the bracket leader, Sarlat, take on the fourth-ranked team, Rochefort. It is not the B team that opens this Sunday, but the Women’s Rugby Team, who will be taking on Bergerac at 1:45 PM.

It’s been a while since Sarlat’s last home game hasn’t it? Indeed, Sarlat’s supporters have had to travel twice in a row after the week off for back-to-back away games to see their team play. But the wait is over, this Sunday, the 21st, Sarlat Rugby will be hosting S.A. Rochefort for a showdown at the Christian Goumondie Stadium.    

After winning their eighth straight game in as many matches last weekend against J.A. Isle, Sarlat Rugby will be aiming to finish the calendar year undefeated by adding another win at home on Sunday.

Lucas Caneda scores another try in a high scoring game against JA Isle
Aided by the speed and agility of Lucas Caneda, Sarlat Rugby had a spectacular game against JA Isle

Sarlat Rugby must Stay the Course 

Sarlat Rugby has been plowing full speed through the competition since the start of the season. At the National level in the Federale 2 Championship, there are only 2 teams unbeaten teams besides Sarlat: Paris University Club and Annecy. The Blue and Black once again scored a 50 point game, they are second of the season, against JA Isle last weekend. And Despite 5 tries scored against them, Sarlat was able to count on its offensive armada, with a triple by Lucas Caneda, to bring home a win and offensive bonus point.

With their eighth victory in a row, Sarlat Rugby is well placed to finish Autumn Champions of the bracket, though the runners up in Bergerac are just 5 points away. To avoid them catching up, Sarlat will need to beat S.A. Rochefort this Sunday. It will not be an easy task either as the adversary is ranked fourth in the bracket. Nevertheless, for a home game, with stands full of local supporters backing the team, our players will have all the motivation they need to succeed. 

Is Sarlat Rugby’s Opponant, S.A Rochefort, On its Way Back Up?

S.A Rochefort is perhaps not at their strongest right now, but with a win last Sunday against Belvès, they are on an upwards trajectory. Beaten by both Barbezieux Jonzac and Bergerac after a strong start to the season, the Rochefort team certainly could not let the boars beat them in front of their own supporters. They finally ended their series of 3 consecutive losses in style, (41-3), winning the offensive bonus thanks to five tries and a solid group of forwards.

Coming in hot after such a strong victory, Rochefort will want to follow up against Sarlat Rugby to establish themselves as a force to be reconned with in the bracket, and avoid falling back into their slump.

A Full day of Rugby for Sunday, Not to be missed!

For the return of Sarlat Rugby to their home turf after nearly a month, an exciting day of events awaits the supporters at Christian Goumondie this Sunday. 

The day will start with a traditional pre-game meal with the whole Sarlat Rugby community, before the kick-off of “The Alabrenas”, Sarlat’s Women’s Rugby team, against Bergerac at 1:45 PM. Then the Sarlat Rugby A team will take on the Rochefort A team at 3 PM. The cherry on the cake? We are expecting, as a guest of honor, rugby legend, and former Springboks Captain, Bobby Skinstad to join us on Sunday. There will also be a short presentation of Sarlat’s Cadets and Juniors teams during the A team halftime. The whole Sarlat rugby community united!

There is still time to reserve your spot. Call 06 78 81 07 15 to secure your seat at the table for a traditional feast of Mique, Petit Salé, Pastry, and Beaujolais wine for Sunday’s lunch!

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