Don’t Miss the Sarlat Rugby Climb to Fédérale 1, Get Your Season Pass Today!

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Get ready to climb with the Sarlat Rugby Season Pass
The 2021-2022 season will be the first real test of Sarlat Rugby’s new roster. With the team’s hearts and minds set on climbing to the next rank, and other teams gearing up to try and cut the ambitious team down to size, each game promises to be a glorious bout of rugby. Why miss a single second? Show your support and guarantee yourself a seat to watch the team rise with the 2021-2022 Season Pass.

Sarlat Rugby has made no secret of its ambition to take the Fédérale 2 rugby division by storm and surge into the top ranks, or better yet, Fédérale 1. This ambitious project has helped attract dozens of top-tier players, from Pro D2 players to up-and-coming international stars. These have joined forces with the strong backbone of local talent to build a team with incredible potential. Soon the season will begin, and it will be time to see the Sarlat Rugby project take shape on the pitch. Not something you will want to miss a minute of.

Luckily, with the new Sarlat Rugby Season Pass, you can guarantee your spot at every single home game of the season. It is a chance to show your support for the team and witness what might be just the beginning of a truly impressive series of seasons!

A Singular Moment in Time for Sarlat Rugby

There is nothing quite as exciting as a rugby season in which a team sets out to reach a higher division. Memorable moments from crucial games build into the surprise at seeing a team achieve the unexpected and/or the satisfaction of seeing hard work pay off. These seasons are always laced with emotion, tension, and excitement. All the more so if you get to see the whole thing, live every game, and get caught up in the triumph of the team. 

All this is doubly true for Sarlat Rugby this year. Heading out to reclaim a spot it once briefly held in Fédérale 1 is but the beginning. The team has its sights set on successive divisions to climb one after another, all the way to Pro D2. It has also recruited some upcoming stars to join the local talent, mixing the two to create strong synergies. When you go to see a Sarlat Rugby game, you will get the best of both worlds of pro and local rugby rolled into one! 

Crowded fans await Sarlat Rugby's rise to Federale 1, better get your Season Pass!
Get your season pass to guarantee your seat at the heart of the action as Sarlat Rugby Starts to Climb

What strategies will the team test out? How will coach Stéphane Labrousse best use all the different talents at his disposal? How will they play against tough and aggressive teams? Against solid defensive teams? Will they run more, kick more, or force their way through with a rush? Only one way to find out. 

And this season is the very start of it all, the moment when Sarlat Rugby proves to the world, what a team from a small town can do when everyone rallies behind it!

Sarlat Rugby Season Pass: The Very Best Way to Support the Team!

Each and every game is a chance to see the team in action, but it is also a chance to show your support for the team! With a season pass, a fan shows not only that they want to watch the action, but also that they believe in the team, and are excited and committed to participating in the adventure. 

The best fans already show up to every game as rugby is deeply ingrained in the culture of Sarlat. It is a social meeting point, weekly ritual, and source of strong community bonds. Your season pass is the perfect way to back that vision and identity. You can wear it like a badge, not only will it show others how much you support the team, but it will show the players how many people are excited for what they are setting out to do this season!

It will be crucial for the team to feel the town behind them as they build momentum over the 2021-2022 season. Every game, we should be out in numbers to cheer them on, and each subscription to the season pass is a step closer to that goal. And just think, a decade from now when the Sarlat Rugby story will be legendary, you can show that pass and say: “I was there when it all began, and I supported them from the very beginning.”

A sleek Sarlat Rugby Season Pass
Get your Sarlat Rugby 2021-2022 Season Pass Today!

What Does a Season Pass Get You? And How do You Get Yours?

Getting a Sarlat Rugby Season Pass means free entry to every home game this season. That’s thrilling games throughout the year. Better still, at only 80 Euros, it actually is significantly cheaper than buying a separate ticket to each game (which, at €10, going to every game would cost you 110!).

In addition, Sarlat Rugby will be doing some giveaways during the season for subscribed ticket holders as a way of saying thank you to our most loyal fans! For example, an official team jersey signed by the players will be raffled during at least one home game…but you won’t read here which one. Better to come to them all to make sure you get your chance! 

The Season Passes are easy to get too. Available soon online via the Sarlat Rugby Estore, they will also be available directly at the Sarlat Rugby Market Stall in town on the weekend markets! Supplies are limited and the season is just around the corner so buy yours quickly!

Be part of the adventure with the Sarlat Rugby Season Pass
Be part of the adventure with your Sarlat Rugby Season Pass
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