Darty Sarlat, a Strong Partner for Sarlat Rugby!

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Darty Sarlat out in Force to support Sarlat Rugby
After the victory against Rochefort this Sunday, it is time to celebrate by taking advantage of the Black Friday sales on offer with our partner, Darty Sarlat! We met with the owner and team to help you discover what makes Darty ‘a partner of confidence;’ for the town and for France; and to shine a light on their offers, exclusive services, and the close ties they have to the Sarlat Rugby team.

Now that our team has risen to the challenge of the 9th day of the championship, we want to shine the spotlight on one of the partners who has helped Sarlat Rugby embark upon this adventure. None other than Darty Sarlat. Part of the chain of stores specialized in household electronics, appliances, and other high-tech household needs, the store has brought considerable support to the town’s ambitious rugby team! 

From the 19th to the 29th of November, Darty Sarlat is celebrating (Blue and) Black Friday. The sales are stellar, but stocks are limited!

To take advantage of these unique offers, hurry to the store, at Route Abbé Breuil Cc Carrefour, 24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda!

Darty: 64 Years Serving French Households

Created in 1957 by the Darty brothers, the company has been one of the most successful ‘tricolor’ success stories. With 7 call centers, 41 after-sale service centers, and 1400 vehicles, Darty’s network covers the entire country to provide 24/7 customer service. 

 Sarlat Rugby players in Black in front of a Darty panel at the Christian Goumondie Stadium.
Darty Sarlat supports the Sarlat Rugby team in their conquest of French Rugby

It is thus perhaps no surprise that Darty lays claim to the title of best after-sale customer service in France. They have a number of services which facilitate customers’ lives and shopping. Among them, we have the now famous « click & collect », which lets you order online and come pick up your order in the store. There is also the magic « Button », which the client can click on and get needed assistance in record time (via no-cost number 09 78 97 09 70). The store is also a pick-up point for packages from Darty’s partner, FNAC, adding even more variety to their repertoire!

Finally, the store also offers the Darty Max service, which covers product repairs in your home and guarantees a longer lifespan for use by the customer (and it is even available for appliances bought from other stores!) with a small monthly payment depending on the size of the appliance (for example you pay only  6.99 € for Large Household Electronics!). The service also gives you priority access to any interventions, phone assistance, and advice on optimal upkeep and use of the appliances. To that end, Darty has mobilized over 2000 technicians to ensure 24-hour availability, and even offers reimbursement gift cards if for some reason repairs cannot be accomplished.  

Sarlat’s Store is the 25th Darty Franchise Opened in France! 

Located in the Carrefour shopping complex, just beside the Nocibe perfumery, Darty’s Sarlat store has 9 employees. All together an experienced sales team trained on the products available in the store, with two more employees available for deliveries. The store is starting its 8th year in the town. With a welcoming, smiling, and helpful team to propose a large range of products, accessories, and services in electronics, multimedia, and telecommunications. For all orders or questions, you can get in touch with them by calling 05 53 28 13 70.

Even if by chance a given product is not available in the store already, their platform can ensure rapid delivery or pick up. Which can happen because, in terms of price, it is tough to find better with anything close to the same level of customer service. Darty even has an ongoing pledge to reimburse the difference should clients find a cheaper price elsewhere with the same level of service. 

Darty Sarlat certain ensures an exceptional level of care for their customers: free delivery and installation of appliances, continuous 24/7 phone helplines, free pick up for recycling of old appliances, and tailored guarantees. All part of or extrapolated from the Trust Contract imagined and adopted by the Darty brothers decades ago. 

It is now the case that since 2014 and the start of Darty’s franchise, their network across the country is constantly expanding. Now any household in France, including in the Perigord Noir, can benefit from Darty’s services, and sales like their Black Friday specials, in less than 30 minutes! Sarlat’s store is, by the way, 25th out of 237 now in operation today! 

Ever-present for the Club, Darty Sarlat is Excited about Sarlat Rugby’s New Ambitions

The CEO of Darty Sarlat, Christophe MATHE, is no stranger to the world of rugby. Having grown up in Sarlat, he was raised on Sarlat’s rugby team games (called CAS at the time). His sports teacher was even the legendary Sarlat player Christian Goumondie (whose name now graces the stadium) who taught him how to handle the oval ball at Madrazes.  

“I love Rugby and what the sport brings to the lives of kids,” said Christophe MATHE, CEO of Darty Sarlat.  

Christophe remembers the time of fierce clashes between Sarlat and neighboring Saint Cyprien. A derby which got the crowd and players’ blood pumping. Himself once a football (soccer) player and referee, Christophe Mathe is a long-time friend of the rugby team’s previous president Jean Luc Menchon, with whom he shared unforgettable moments on the football pitch.

Christophe Mathe and the Darty Sarlat team with Sarlat Rugby local sponsorship coordinator and right prop Dato Okriashvili.
A big thank you to the whole Darty Sarlat team, and Christophe Mathe, for their support of Sarlat Rugby

Darty Sarlat has been a long-time supporter of the team. Ever since the franchise’s opening, they have been omnipresent at the team’s side and offered admirable and considerable support! They have also been an enthusiastic partner in the team’s latest and boldest project.

“What a pleasure to see such excellent performance on the pitch. The hard work and investment by the President, staff, and the players ended up paying off. The strong results and ambiance at the Stadium are both testament to the club’s impressive trajectory” added Darty Sarlat’s CEO.

In addition to the rugby team, Darty Sarlat also supports local tennis and handball, as well as the Salignac Football team and the Monpazierois bike club. In addition to promoting local sports, Darty Sarlat is a member of the local business and entrepreneurs association “Avenir Sarlat” (Sarlat’s Futur) which has put in place both a ‘privilege card and the Avenir Sarlat gift cards, both of which are accepted at Darty.

We want to take this chance to once again express our thanks to Darty Sarlat for their trust in, and generous support of the Blue and Black rugby team. 

Always dream bigger together!

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