African Cup Champion and Fédérale 1 Third Row Signs with Sarlat Rugby

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Sarlat Rugby signs Fed 1 Third Row Remi Cardon
The friendly matches are about to begin and you can taste the anticipation in the air as rugby returns to Sarlat this weekend. Soon, Sarlat Rugby will announce its lineup for the first game, which is likely to have some new faces among them. One such face might just be the latest star to sign, Rémi Cardon, a Fédérale 1 player who also helped Algeria pull off its rise through the African Cup ranks.

Rémi Cardon is genial and good-natured off the pitch but implacable and dauntless on the field. Whether he is charging with the ball or taking down an opponent’s best attempt, you can easily tell why coaches like Stéphane Labrousse and Algeria’s national rugby team’s coach reached out to recruit him. 

As the friendly games begin this weekend, Sarlat Rugby is proud to introduce another of its new players. So that our friends and fans can get to know each one, and their stories, and will know what to expect when they see them in action starting on the 14th of August!

Rémi Cardon Forges a Place in Fédérale 1

Rémi started rugby young, playing in Gard Beaucaire in the Bouches du Rhones, before joining Narbonnes ‘s youth rugby program in 2009. Quickly feeling at home on the pitch, rugby developed into a passion for Rémi, who seized every opportunity to move forward. In 2012 he joined Aurillac’s formation center. Three years later, he was already playing in friendly games for the senior team in Fédérale 1. 

Valued on the pitch for his impact, literally, on offensive and defensive pushes, Rémi Cardon was offered a spot with Rouen in Fédérale 1. He played with them for two years, continuing to develop his skill and style on the pitch. He spent the next two seasons with Rugby Olympique de Grasse before moving to CS Beaune for the last three seasons. 

While Rémi stayed in Fédérale 1, when he got the chance to evolve beyond it, and outside the bounds even of French Rugby, he seized it and ran with it!

Rémi Cardon most recently played as a strong and sturdy third row for Sarlat Rugby

Algerian Roots offer Rémi Cardon a Shot at the World Rugby Cup. 

Even as he built a place for himself in the French Fédérale 1 division, Rémi Cardon’s talent did not go unnoticed. He was spotted by a recruiter for the Algerian National Team who wanted to know just how closely tied Rémi’s family was to Algeria. Pleased by the response, the coach offered him a spot at an intensive selection camp. 

The doors of international rugby had opened up for the powerful third row, and once again, he would rise to the occasion. Rémi describes his selection with the Algerian team, and the games played with them over the seasons since, as some of the best in his life. And there is no doubt the rugby he played was some of the best as well!

In 2017-2018 they won the lowest level of the competition, taking home the Bronze cup and securing a spot in the next highest level. Just one year later, they were taking home the Silver cup as well, an impressive feat in its own right. But the best is yet to come, Rémi says hopefully, as the team prepares for a long-delayed Gold Cup push. While the quarterfinals are still a long way away, the team has their eyes set on the final, and the coveted spot at the Rugby World Cup that comes with it. 

It hasn’t always been perfect, though. In 2019, Rémi Cardon’s french team, CS Beaune, refused to allow him to attend the Silver Cup finals. This left a bitter taste in Rémi’s mouth as he had to watch them struggle without him and could not truly taste that moment of victory. Is it any surprise he chose to look for another club that would capture much of the same energy as that ambitious Algerian team?

Remi Cardon has already started training with the other players of Sarlat Rugby

Rémi joins Sarlat Rugby as new Third Row

After fairly frustrating seasons with CS Beaune, Rémi was on the lookout for another club. Spotting an opportunity, Sarlat Rugby’s manager and the team’s president, Stéphane Labrousse and Dom Einhorn, reached out to Rémi. They outlined the ambitious plan they had for the team, both on and off the pitch, and the role they saw for Rémi Cardon in the project. 

Impressed by the professional organization of the team, which he said puts even some Fédérale 1 clubs to shame, Rémi seized a chance once again. He saw in the team that fire to rise that he felt with the Algerian team and that a solid plan backed it. As a bonus, he already knew some of the other players and was equally pleased to find various nationalities and languages maxing for a rich mix of cultures and perspectives reunited in this beautiful corner of France. 

Finally, the linchpin argument, Sarlat Rugby could offer Rémi Cardon something no other club can: the chance to begin building a career beyond the rugby ball without having to drop it. With Sarlat Rugby, Rémi will enter into a new world and acquire the skills associated with the professional and commercial sectors. Soon, perhaps, he will be making deals just like he charges through opposing lines and nailing down sponsorships like he takes down opponents with the ball. 

It will be a pleasure following Rémi’s success and progress this season, both with Sarlat Rugby and, with a bit of luck and a lot of skill, in the World Cup with Algeria next year!

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