Sarlat Rugby, initially the Sarlat Athletic Club, dates back to 1903. For over a hundred years, rugby was a weekly rallying point for the Sarlat community, and an unmissable event for the fans. The pitch at Madrazès, home of the oval ball in Sarlat, fielded generation after generation of rugby players. Locals and recruits alike were driven for years by the same desire: to wear the Black and Blue of our Salamander with pride. Sarlat’s colors have been worn by players whose names remain etched in local rugby history, such as the one who lent his name, and fame, to the Stadium: Christian Goumondie.


Sarlat Rugby is tackling its second season in the Federal 2 division, after a meteoric rise up through the lower division during the 2018/2019 season. The current objective is clear: to climb the ranks over the years to come. Taking Sarlat’s name, and their love of the sport, to the professional divisions! The team also plans to open a training center, building on, and building up, the potential of our local talent, trained up from their earliest years within the club.

1930's, 1940's & 1950's

1990's & 2000's