A French Leader in Massage and Treatment Tables Dons the Blue and Black!

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How much weight can a Malea Life table hold? Sarlat Rugby tests it out!
A few weeks ago, Sarlat Rugby announced a partnership with Malea Life. With the launch of the season and game after game, our players and staff have been able to test the reliability, comfort, and strength of Malea Life’s tables. We met up with the founders of the company here in Sarlat to retrace their history and learn why their products are so highly sought after by more than just sports teams.

No matter the quality of their training, without proper recuperation, our players can never expect to play at their best week after week. Rugby produces elevated levels of physical fatigue, of course, but also mental fatigue as well. Active recuperation thus constitutes an essential part of Sarlat Rugby’s training regimen, supervised and planned carefully by our exceptional physical therapist.

A treatment or massage session is often the best way for our players to recover after their efforts on the pitch. For that, Sarlat Rugby can count on one of France’s top names in massage tables and wellness equipment, Malea Life.

As the club’s official supplier, Malea Life has given Sarlat Rugby staff access to reliable and robust tools perfectly adapted to the team’s needs.

Sarlat Rugby lock Wiehan Hay with physical therapist Rodrigo on a Malea Life massage table
Massage is one of the best methods of recuperation to relax, restore, and repair muscles after a rugby game.

Malea Life puts quality and customer service first and foremost 

With over 14 years of experience in the field working near Toulouse, the founders of Malea Life – Olivier Fernandez and Antonella Berdeil – have always sought to meet the exacting standards of their clients. They saw an opportunity to do so by creating their own brand of massage and treatment tables and salon furniture.

Having fallen in love with the charm of the medieval town of Sarlat-la-Canéda, Olivier and Antonella decided to make the home of the Sarlat Rugby team the base from which to launch their project in the construction of both treatment and wellness tables. 

Malea maintained its activity around Toulouse for its medical equipment but has expanded to Sarlat in this new sphere – wellness and recovery. This second specialization has focused on the creation of a repertoire of custom tables entirely made in France. 

Custom Malea Life massage tables: comfort, durability, and relaxation! 

When Malea Life’s team spoke to Sarlat Rugby, they made clear their priority is to satisfy professional clients with quality equipment to ensure perfect results. The majority of treatment, massage, or wellness tables and equipment are built out of steel or plastic, but Malea Life’s are built out of the finest hardwood. 

Their products are covered with water and oil-proof coating, have a core structure resistant to intensive and long-term use, and are guaranteed between 3 and 5 years. Malea Life has supplied hundreds of clients (Hotels, Spas, Salons, Medical Cabinets, etc) in France and elsewhere in Europe. They have risen to the challenge of meeting the demanding technical needs of their clients, all the while offering a peerless product in terms of aesthetic and design.

Saltar Rugby’s Lock, Wiehan Hay, accompanied by the team’s physical therapist, Rodrigo, during a massage session at Malea Life’s Sarlat location
Red, White, and Blue….and Black! French massage table experts Malea Life team up with Sarlat Rugby

Sarlat Rugby and Malea Life, More than just a partnership

Malea Life and Sarlat Rugby share many core fundamental values. These have enabled the creation of a connection and closeness that goes beyond those of basic partnerships. It is also crucial to stress the importance that the implication of the players in the promotion and development of the Sarlat Rugby project has had in shaping the partnership. The proactive approach and positive attitude of Sarlat Rugby’s first-row prop, and head of local sponsorships, Dato Okriashvili, certainly encouraged Malea Life to deepen the partnership and generously support the team.  

Key to his work as a physical therapist for the team, our expert in the subject, Rodrigo Fernandez Viñes, is fortunate to have available such comfortable, spacious, and strong tables!

We thank Malea Life for their trust and engagement in supporting the Sarlat Rugby Team. Always dream bigger, together!  

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